Connecting to Your Cloud

The instance will now be visible in the EC2 homepage. The description of the instance and the IP address can be found at the bottom of the instance page. Open Bitvise as an SSH client. Copy the IPv4 Public IP address from the instance page in EC2 and paste it into “Host” on Bitvise. Insert 22 as the port.

💡 What is an SSH Client? An SSH client allows establishing a secure and authenticated SSH connections to SSH server. Download Bitvise SSH Client or PuTTY for Windows or Terminus App for MacOS.

Enter "ubuntu" as the default username. Change the following line “Initial method” to publickey. For first-time log in, select "Client key manager" and import the SSH key downloaded earlier (named as Global 1 in this example). An optional comment can be left for organization purposes if desired. Select the key just imported in the “client key” line. Click "Log In" to connect.