Stata Installation

Create a folder for your Stata installation file:

$ mkdir /home/ubuntu/stata_source

Download the Stata tar file for Linux.

Upload the tar file to the /home/ubuntu/stata_source folder just created (using BitVise's SFTP interface for example).

Obtain administrative rights by requesting root access:

$ sudo -i

Unzip the tar file in the /tmp/statafiles folder:

$ cd /tmp/
$ mkdir statafiles
$ cd statafiles
$ tar -zxf /home/ubuntu/stata_source/Stata16Linux64.tar.gz

Create /usr/local/stata16 directory for installing Stata for all users:

$ cd /usr/local
$ mkdir stata16

Install Stata. Enter licensing information when prompted:

$ cd /usr/local/stata16
$ /tmp/statafiles/install

After installation, you will be prompted to initialize Stata:

$ ./stinit

Ubuntu users will need an additional package for Stata to work:

$ apt install libtinfo5

Edit the Ubuntu system paths to include Stata for all users. Open the profile in nano:

$ nano /etc/profile

Type the following into the bottom of the document as depicted below.

export PATH="/usr/local/stata16:$PATH"

Use CTRL+O then enter to overwrite the document and CTRL+X to exit.

Refresh the paths to include Stata by typing:

$ source /etc/profile