Adding a Subdomain

💡 What is a sub-domain? A sub-domain is an additional section of a domain that can help organize, specify, or navigate to different websites under a single primary domain. For example, while navigating from a website to its store, you may see the domain change to This shortens the domain and makes it easier for you and your students to remember. The following method requires a domain to acquire the proper safety features.

Navigate to the "Domain Name Servers," then to "Custom resource records." Enter the desired name (jupyterlab, econlab, etc.). Then enter the IP4 address of your instance.

💡 This will take up to 48 hours to update and begin serving as a functioning URL.

💡 It is still necessary to add :8000 to the address of your jupyter Hub. It is also feasible to use a reverse proxy, e.g. nginx, to reroute network traffics to your URL to the JupyterHub, see below.